The new double PU Metal Deck is complete insulation system using the latest technology. The PU Metal Deck consists of 3 layers pre-painted steel sheet, rigid polyurethane (PU) foam and another layer of steel sheet laminated onto the PU foam layer. The PU foam provides excellent heat resistance, good sound absorption, mechanical and dimensional stability of roof assenbly. The overall result is roofing systems that maintain your buildings cool all day long with great saving on electricity.

The external double steel sheet layer provides extra protection for the PU foam, allowing it to withstand damage during transportation and construction. Double PU metal decks are widely used in the construction of roofs and walls of factories, warehouses, freezing storages, workshops, poultry farms, supermarkets, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, schools, dormitories, mobile homes, residential houses and many other non-industrial facilities. PU foam is water resistant materials which will not be spoilt by rain water.